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Connecting, Creating, Celebrating.

We are so excited to launch Making Moves 2023, which will be an annual celebration dedicated to a cohort of creatives who are making moves in Ireland's urban culture scene. Through peer nomination and voting, six participants were chosen to connect, create and celebrate their way through 2023 with Mo Cultivation's support.

Mo Cultivation wants to make room for the next wave of talent across music, performing arts, those behind the lens, digital creators, fashion and those behind the scenes. Therefore, we created this initiative to welcome them into the new year with an awesome campaign, an exciting showcase event on March 2nd and an opportunity for recognition.

Throughout the year, we will work with the cohort in little and large ways to support them in their career, assist with ideas and encourage them to connect, create and celebrate.

Want to come to the making moves launch event?

Thursday, march 2nd 

doors 6pm/Event starts 7pm/ ends 10pm

guinness open Gate brewery, Dublin 8


We want to make room for the next wave of talent across music, performing arts, those behind the lens, digital creators, fashion and those behind the scenes.


Artists / Groups / DJs / Producers / Collectives

Digital Creators

Graphic Design / Youtubers / Writers / Bloggers

Performing Arts 

Acting / Dance / Theatre / Spoken Word


Fashion / Styling / Models / Fashion Influencers

Behind the Lens

Photography / Videographers / Filmmakers

Behind the Scenes

Managers / Creative Directors / Event managers / Business Owners


Content Creator, Activist

Amanda Ade.png

A digital content creator, activist and key member of the Black & Irish team. She hosts the ‘Box’d Out’ podcast, the ‘Black and Irish Podcast’ as well as giving talks on important topics such as gender and racial equality. She has been an active contributor to the urban and creative scene in Dublin through her own platform as well as the Black & Irish events, really shining in 2022 as she enters another year of exciting opportunities. 

Neo-Soul Music Artist

A Dundalk duo comprising of vocalist-songwriter Chi Chi and producer, multi-instrumentalist Laurence (aka StrangeLove). The pair have quickly gained attention in the Irish music scene thanks to their alternative neo-soul sound, groovy sets and youthful energy as showcased this year at Ireland Music Week 2022, Electric Picnic, All Together Now, Body & Soul and Forbidden Fruit to name a few highlights of a very notable debut festival season.

Writer & Performer

 A writer, poet and performing artist, has has done commissioned works for the likes of Summer in the City, Poetry Ireland, Dublin Fringe, Adrian Brinkerhoff Foundation and IMMA amongst others. His works reflect heavily on observing the human condition, their relationship and interaction with society and culture. Blending spoken word poetry and playwriting, Yakura's one-man show 'The perfect immigrant' opened at The New Theatre as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022 which was thoroughly enjoyed by attendees and Festival organisers alike.

Producer & Filmmaker

Podcasters & Creatives

Graphic Designer & Dancer

A Nigerian-Irish filmmaker and is co-founder and head of the visual arts team of the GALPAL Collective, an arts and media collective dedicated to the creation, celebration and curation of works by queer folk, people of colour and women. Aisha’s films are inspired by unapologetic femininity, heritage and pop culture. Her latest short film ‘Olori ti Ku’ screened at the Dublin International Film Festival. She has varying experiences in film as head of jury of the BAFTA recognised Her International Film Festival, committee member of CHROMA International Film Festival, panelist at the Dublin International Film Festival, and more.

Aiesha is a graphic designer, dancer and creative director.
This talented woman works with the likes of Pod,
Grupa and District Magazine as a graphic designer,
content creator and social media manager, and seems to
be popping up everywhere, using one of her many skills to
leave a positive impact on the urban scene in Dublin and
beyond. Aisha is currently studying Law in Trinity, and in
addition works as a dance instructor based in Dublin.

Ran by 3 guys who are known for unmatched banter and who quickly become a source of relatable Black Irish humour. Their engagement with audiences of all types is unlike anything seen before in Ireland, thanks to their hilarious, open and thought provoking conversations. With such quality content and seemingly neverending topics, the lads have racked up several hundred thousand views on their social snippets and are cultivating a serious audience in Ireland, the UK and beyond.

How Were the Finalists Selected?

We invited some of the leading creatives in Ireland to nominate people across music, performing arts, those behind the lens, digital creators, fashion and those behind the scenes. When the panelists created a long and shortlist, the judges then voted on finalists.


YEO Mag Belfast

Dancer / Actor

Designer / Owner Seeking Judy


Final Judges

Multidisciplinary Artist

Filmmaker / Director

Stylist / Creative Director

Red FM Cork Presenter & DJ

Multidisciplinary Artist

Interested in collaborating with the Making Moves Cohort?

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

For more information on how to get involved please email

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